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Our team of All-Star baseball players, coaches, and team engineers have been hard at work developing the ultimate baseball and softball tools.

These tools are used by youth players all the way thru MLB organizations.

The power wrap in sizes of of 8,16, 24oz is a progressive wrap that allows complete exposure of the barrel of the baseball bat. The weighted hitting system promotes the increase in bat speed, strength and power while also developing proper swing mechanics.

Results are immediate and the wrap is easy to use in live hitting, tee work, or as an on deck weight.

The PowerCurve is the most innovative pitching product in use today in the development of the curveball.

The PowerCurve is a critical training tool for arm health at all levels of baseball- Throw away the tennis ball canisters of old and get your PowerCurve today!.

When the Power Ball is struck squarely" with the proper mechanics, previously mentioned, the ball travels off the bat well!

However, if the ball is "topped" because the hitter was rolled his/her wrists over the ball, or the ball is undercut because the player has dipped his/her Darrel, the ball becomes oblong and goes Maw-12..

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